Beatdown Outdoor Products LLC

About Us

Our Story

BeatDown Outdoors was founded in 2020 by Todd and Blake Price, a father-son duo. The idea began after realizing how difficult it was to use live sonar technology while their electronics were mounted to the floor of the boat with no adjustability. After exhausting the internet looking for solutions and speaking with other fishermen fighting the same issues, their quest began to design a mount that was strong, adjustable and versatile. 

For Todd and Blake, this was another day in the office. They co-own a successful precision machine shop and have an excellent team of machinists surrounded by cutting edge equipment ready to take ideas on paper and turn them into a finished product. Always priding themselves in producing high quality and top of the line work, they refined these ideas into what would soon be known as “The Ultimate”. After trial and error, testing, and redesign, “The Ultimate” was created and BeatDown Outdoor Products, LLC was born.

Meet the Team

Blake Price

Blake is an engineer by degree and has been in the outdoors his whole life. When Blake was younger, he was either hunting, fishing, or playing sports. Always having a passion for winning, Blake carried that drive over to his professional career and uses that to motivate him in being the best that he can be in everything he does. Whether it be fishing, solving machining problems, helping with designs, customer service, or just lending a hand, you can bet Blake will be giving it his all.

Todd Price

Todd has a lifetime worth of experience and knowledge in machining, fabrication and design and build. His whole life, Todd has been making his own solutions for his hobbies which include hunting and fishing. He takes pride in building things that will last and enjoys the process of taking an idea from scratch and turning it into something. Todd’s passion for success and perfection is what drives his results.

Travis Glenn

Account Manager/Marketing Director
Travis has spent his entire life enjoying the outdoors. Catching fish is instinct for Travis. He has spent years fishing local and national crappie tournaments with his brother Tyler and they have results to back it up. Don’t let his humble nature fool you, Travis is a fierce competitor at heart and thoroughly enjoys being on top. Travis has an eye for design and is very good at critiquing prototypes to get the most out of the idea. He uses his experience in the field to help guide products and strategy.

Thank You!

A big thanks to the team at Ideal Tool and Mfg. for putting in the extra effort and helping get us to this point! Your commitment, attention to detail, suggestions and expertise is second to none, thank you for always pulling through when it counts!

Our Mission

In 2018, William Price, son of Blake and Sarah Price was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic, progressive genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections, digestive issues and limits the ability to breathe over time. Cystic Fibrosis, commonly called CF, affects about 30,000 people living in the US today and about 70,000 worldwide. Currently there is no cure for CF, but thanks to generous donors and an amazing foundation, treatments, and therapies continue to make strides toward adding tomorrows

For every purchase, a portion of our proceeds will go to the CF Foundation to help advance research towards the cure. We sincerely appreciate your business!