Beatdown Outdoor Products LLC

Quick Change Ultimate Shorty

“The Quick Change Ultimate Shorty” is a fully adjustable, fully locking marine electronics mount with a quick connect base that allows you to easily remove the unit for travel or storage.

Using a patent-pending reverse telescoping design coupled with 2 locking collars, “The Quick Change Ultimate Shorty” will securely raise your electronics from the deck of your boat up to 17” high and anywhere in between. This mount allows you to lower your expensive electronics down and out of the way to safely navigate from spot to spot. In seconds, you can simply loosen the locking collars and raise your unit to your preferred height. Tighten the locking collars and get back to fishing, it is that simple. 

Already have “The Ultimate Shorty” and want the Quick Change option? We’ve got you covered! Just send your “Ultimate Shorty” back to us and we’ll make the conversion and quickly get it back to you for only $125. Contact us for all the details.

Preorder your “Quick Change Ultimate Shorty” today! Expected shipping date is February 5, 2021.