Beatdown Outdoor Products LLC

The Ultimate Single Pole


“The Ultimate Single Pole” is a fully adjustable, fully locking marine electronics mount. Using the same locking collar design as “The Ultimate”, “The Ultimate Single Pole” will securely raise your marine electronics from the deck of your boat to 16.5” high. This is a great option for fishermen who do not need the extended height out of their mount and are looking for a lower profile design. This mount is just as rigid and secure as “The Ultimate” and can be fully locked in all positions. 

Built to last, “The Ultimate Single Pole” is proudly made in the USA and is manufactured from 6061 Aluminum. As pictured, you will receive “The Ultimate Single Pole” and the underplate for the most secure rigging. 


Add the Quick Connect Base in order to easily remove “The Ultimate” for travel or storage. Or add the 45 Degree View Changers to better position your electronics for your liking. See photos for more details.