Beatdown Outdoor Products LLC

The Ultimate Shorty

“The Ultimate Shorty” is the smaller version of “The Ultimate”. “The Ultimate Shorty” has all of the same adjustability and rigidity, but only extends to 17” tall. Our patent-pending reverse telescoping system with the locking collars ensures the safety of your expensive electronics and allows them to be stowed away when traveling from spot to spot. 

Our products are built to last. “The Ultimate Shorty” is proudly manufactured in the USA and made from 6061 Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel. As pictured, you will receive “The Ultimate Shorty” electronics mount and an underplate for the most secure rigging possible. 

Options: ***All of the options on “The Ultimate” and “The Ultimate Shorty” are interchangeable. Check out our 45 Degree View Changer, Quick Connect Base, “The Ultimate Double Stack”, and “The Ultimate Cup Holders”. 

Additionally, we offer “The Ultimate Extension” for those fishermen that would like the flexibility to raise their unit up higher when targeting a different species.